If Blue Ridge Security installed your security system before December, 2014, click below for more information regarding the AT&T 2G Sunset

General Questions

Q: Do you offer the option to either purchase or lease?

A: Yes, our residential systems are sold as a direct sell or a lease. We offer several financing options for our commercial customers.

Q: What is included in your monthly monitoring?

A: Our monthly monitoring includes cellular monitoring, our extended warranty, and our TotalControl App that allows you to remotely control your system from your phone or tablet.

Q: How do I test my system?

A: We provide and monitor a variety of systems. However, Blue Ridge adopted DMP as our primary security panel since 2008. The following are instructions on how to properly test a DMP panel:

Access the User Menu.

Press the COMMAND key until SYSTEM TEST? Displays.

Press any Select key. The system test begins automatically and the keypad displays:

1) BELL SOUNDING during a two second bell test, then:

2) KEYPAD SOUNDING during a two second keypad test, then:

3) BATTERY – OKAY or BATTERY – TRBL to indicate the battery condition, then:

4) TRANSMIT TEST * and ATTEMPT NO: 1 during the transmit test, then:

5) TRANSMIT OKAY or TRANSMIT FAILED to show the transmit test results, then:

6) TEST END to indicate the System Test is complete.

7) Press the Back Arrow key to end the system test.

Testing your system burglary protection: The System Test function should be part of your weekly testing and should be followed by placing the interior and perimeter burglary devices in Zone Monitor mode. This allows you to open and then close each protected door and window while listening for the keypad to beep confirming its operation. See Zone Monitor.

*If you have a different system, please contact our office and we can provide instructions on how to properly test your system.

Q: Can I pay my bill online?

A: Yes. Click “My Account” at the top right of this page, and then click “Pay Your Bill Online”.

Q: Can I purchase a security system if I live in an apartment or if I’m renting a home?

A: Yes, you can purchase a system for your apartment or a home that you may be renting.

Q: Can I control my system from my phone or tablet?

A: Yes. Our TotalControl App and Browser services allow you to remotely control your system from your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Q: Will my alarm system communicate to Blue Ridge Security Central Station if I have voice over IP?

A: No, but you will have the ability to choose our BlueLink24 option.

Q: What other means of alarm communication do you offer besides the ordinary POTS line (telephone line)?

A: BlueLink24 gives you the option to use cellular, network, or radio communication.

Q: Where is my alarm monitored at?

A: Blue Ridge Security owns its own UL and FM certified central monitoring station located in Anderson, SC.

Q: Is the system wireless or will wires have to be run through my walls?

A: We offer both hardwired and wireless systems.

Q: Can I protect my AC unit?

A: Yes. We offer a wide variety of options to protect your AC units. Contact us today to find out what the best solution is for you.