Own your system

The future is here! With our TotalControl Texting service and TotalControl App, you now have complete control over not only your security system but also several other features within your business such as lighting, locks, and temperature all from the convenience of your phone.

Take Control
with a simple text.

total control texting

Controlling your security system for your home is as easy as sending a single text. You can send various command to arm or disarm itself, check its current status, cancel false alarms and also control various Z-Wave devices such as lights, locks and temperature. When you send off the text, you will get a response confirming that your system has responded to your command.

Take Control from your phone.

total control app
Control your security system with your fingertip. Blue Ridge Security Solution’s TotalControl App provides a convenient, easy to use interface allowing you to monitor and change your settings to how you see fit.
available on:
Arm and Disarm
Arm, disarm or just check in on the status of your home from your phone
create preferences
Group systems and settings together to create preferences that can be activated by pressing a single button
Customize settings
Look at each area of your system and customize those settings on an area by area basis
see video footage
Quickly look in on live, recorded or stored video footage from up to six different cameras