Take your home security to the next level with our full range of cutting edge cameras

A single well placed camera at a residence is sometimes all that is necessary to discourage any would be burglars from entering your property. In addition, several benefits come from being able to monitor your residence, including monitoring exterior entrances, keeping an eye on your children at all times, and watching over detached portions of your home, such as your garage.

Watching what matters most

Home Surveillance Solutions

We integrate our video systems with the Total Control app allowing you to:

  • Check in on loved ones
  • Monitor your house when you are traveling
  • View live or stored security video clips
  • Remotely monitor a second home in another location


Blue Ridge Security Solutions is just as concerned with your property as you are. Therefore, we constantly monitor all of our clients systems from our local monitoring station located in Anderson, SC. Sleep soundly knowing that we are right there keeping you and your family safe.